So I went to Moo shoes in NYC last night with my wife Wendy, where we met up with our good friends Stevie Jones and Jenny Brown [director of Woodstock farm animal sanctuary] for a book signing by the incredible and definitely unapologetic vegan artist Sue Coe for her new book Cruel. While I’m not the most social guy I thought it would be cool to meet and show support for a person that is the real deal and be one of the first to get her new book, since her previous books have set the standard for animal rights art as far as I’m concerned, it was certainly worth the trip. Sue was so friendly and humble, but without question hardcore animal rights, I got to speak with her and was immediately taken with her no bullshit way of just saying what she meant and not mincing words [reminded me of myself LOL]. Sue stayed, signed books, drew personalized pictures in them, had her picture taken with anyone who asked and shared her views on animal rights and other things for a long while, she had a way of making you feel as if she’d known you for years, it was great to meet her.

The room was filled with animal rights activist types, some of whom’s names you might know [Jenny Brown, Amy Trakinski, Anne Sullivan, Ashley Lou Smith, Joshua Katcher and many more] all were friendly, good to talk to and enjoying themselves [and crazy vegan food from The cinnamon snail that was parked out front] but for me the night was about Sue, her new book and what she’s done to bring awareness to the fucked up way animals are treated for simply [and literally] being born into different skin…….

Thanks Sue Coe, I love your balls-out, tell it like it is and definitely unapologetic way of conducting yourself, it was a pleasure meeting and speaking to you.

Oh, and I got my picture taken for Sue’s publisher’s blog.

You can find Sue’s older stuff here.

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